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Posted on 7 February, 2018 at 14:35

Most complaints concerning petrol awn mower engine operation can be classified of the following:

a. Will not start

b. Hard starting

c. Lack of power

d. Vibration

e. Overhiting

f. Hig oil consumption

When the cause of malfunction is not readily apparent, perform a check of the compression, ignition, and carburetion system.

This check-up, performed in a systematic manner, can usually be done in matter minutes by Dr Mower repair expert. It is the quickest quickest and surest method of determining the cause of future failures, which can be corrected at the time.

The basic check-up procedure is the same for all engine models.

Ceck Compression

a. Loose spark plug

b. Loose cylinder head bolts

c. Blown head gasket

d.Burned vaves, Valve seats

e. Insufficent valve clearance

f. Warped cylinder head or warped valve cover

g. Warped or worn valve stems and guides

h. Worn bore and/or rings

i. Broken connecting rod

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Note: Appears to be an engine malfunction may be a fault of the powered equipment rather then the engine.

If Spark does not occur, look for -

a. Incorrect ignition airmature air gap

b. Shorted stop switch wire

c. Shorted stop switch

d. Ignition armature failure

e. Impropely operating interlock system

Note: If petrol lawnmower engine runs but misses during operation, a quick check to determine if ignition is or is not at fault can be made by inserting the tester between the ignition cable and the spark.

The spark miss will be readily seen.

Check carburetion

Before making a carburetion check, fill the fuel tank of your lawn mower with fresh, clean petrol. Be sure that the fuel shut off valve is open and flows freely through fuel line and filter before starting engine. Inspect and adjust the needle valve. Check to see that the choke closes completly.

If the engine will not start, remove and inspect the spark plug.

If plug is wet, look for -

a. Over choking

b. Excessively rich fuel mixture

c. Water in petrol

d. Inlet needle stuck open

e. Clogged air filter

f. Fouled spark plug

If plug is dry, look for -

a. Leaking carburetor mounting gaskets

b. Dirt or gum deposits in carburetor, fuel filter, fuel lines, shut-off valve or fuel tank

c. Inlet needle stuck shut

d. inoperative fuel pump ( if equipped)

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A simple check to determine if the petrol is getting to the combusion chamber through the carburetor is to remove the spark plug and pour a small quantity of petrol through the spark plug hole. Replace the plug and torque to 180 in. lbs. If the lawn mower engine fires a few times and stops, look for the same condition as for a dry plug.

Petrol lawn mower engines can be Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Tecumseh, and own brand as Mountfield etc.

Equipment - Affecting Engine Operation

Frequently what appears to be a problem with your lawn mower engine operation, such as hard starting, vibration, etc, may be the fault of the equipment being powered rather than the engine itself.

Since many varied types of equipment powered by Briggs&Stratton engines, it is not possible to list all of the various conditions that may exist. Listed are the most common effects of equipment problems and what to look for as the most common causes.

Hard Starting, or No start

loose belt or lawn mower balde can cause a kickback effect, which will counteract engine cranking effort. Starting under load see if the unit is disengaged when lawn mower engine is started or if engaged, does not have a heavy parasitic load.

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Check remote control assembly for proper adjustment. check interlock system for shorted wires. loose or corroded connection, or defective modules or switches.


Cutter blade bent remove and replace cutter blade out of balance remove and balance or call our technical team on 02081665595

Carnkshaft bent replace or repair by specialists such us Dr Mower expert worn blade coupling mounting bolts loose mounting deck or plate cracked, damaged belts or pullesy impeller out of balance.

Power Loss

Bind or drag in unit grass cuttings build -up under deck, No lubrication in transmission or gear box Excessive drive belt tension may cause excess bearing wear or seizure.


Cutter blade coupling or pulley an oversixe or worn coupling can result in knocking usually under acceleration. No lubricant in transmission or gear box and drive gears. worn drive belts, worn bearings.

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Cooling system of your petrol lawn mower.

Grass particles, chaff, or dirt can clog the air cooling system, especially after prolongedservice in very dusty conditions or when cutting dry grass.

Continued operation with clogged cooling system can cause severe overheating and possible engine damaged.

This is Dr Mower Wallington and Banstead, take extra care of the cooling system when we do a full lawn mower service at our workshop in Caterham near Reigate.

Air Cleaners - General

A properly maintained petrol lawn mower always has a clean air filter which is protects Internal parts of the engine from dust particles in the air.

If an air filter is dirty or clogged, dirt and dust which should be collected in the air cleaner will be drawn into the engine and become part of the oil film.

This is why important to have a regual mower service or just a quick repair change of air filter in our lawn mower service can provide the right parts for your lawn mower.

Dirt in the oil forms an abrasive mixture which trusted wears moving parts instead of protecting, Which is very detrimental to engine life.

Air filter service, All model series

Remove the air filter cover. Clean any debris from the air filter base and cover.

Replace or fitt foam pre - filter Yearly which will extend your lawnmower engine life

Replace cartridge yearly.

Service air filter more often when engine is operated dusty conditions.

Any question leave a comment or call the Dr Mower Team on 02081665595

Before lawn mowing season starts.

Posted on 29 January, 2018 at 10:25

Hello and Welcome from Dr Mower lawn mower service expert.

Fuel and recommendations before the lawn mowing seasons to begin.


Use clean, fresh petrol.

Only purchase a 30 day supply of petrol. FRESH petrol minimizes gum deposits and also will ensure fuel volatility tailored for the season in which the engine will be operated.


             The use of fuel additive, such as Briggs & Stratton part No: BS992380 100ml fuel fit, or equivalent, will minimize the formation of fuel gum deposit during storage.

Such an additive may be added to the fuel tank or storage container.

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Oil, Lubrication

Briggs & Stratton engines are lubricated with a gear driven splash oil slinger, connecting rod dipper, an oil pump, or a combination of above.

During normal operation, small particles of dust, metal from the cylinder walls gradually contaminate the oil.

If the oil is not changed regularly, these foreign particles can cause increased firction and an abrasive action which shortens the life of the engine.

Fresh oil also assists in cooling.

Old oil gradually becomes thick and loses its cooling ability and lubricating qualities of your lawn mower engine this is why important to have a service annually.

Engine Oil

Use a High quality detergent oil SAE 30

Air cooled engine run hotter than car engines. Use of multy-viscosity oils (5W-30, 10W-30, etc) in ambient temperatures above 40 F ( 4 C ) will result in high oil consumption.

If multy-viscosity oil is used, check oil level more frequently to prevent any possible engine damage due to lack of lubrication of your lawnmower.

Note: Use of syntehetic oil does not alter the required oil change intervals.

Check oil level


Always fill to dipstick FULL mark,

Change oil (Crankcase)

Change oil after first five hours of operation. (first use of new petrol Lawn mower)

Check oil level daily.

Check oil every time fuel is added.

Change oil after fifty (50) hours of operation or annually.

Any question We are here for you our.

Expert lawnmower service engineer is always near for you mean near for me as well.